Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling apologised to Usain Bolt after asking the retired 100m sprinter an overly personal question. Yep, you read that correctly and it’s all available to watch on YouTube. 

Spoilers, Raheem puts on a slight Jamaican accent when chatting with the world’s fastest man.

It’s 2018, a day and age where social media is literally everything when it comes to publicising yourself, and while Sterling may be doing well on sites like Twitter and Instagram, he’s decided that the millions of eyes watching him whilst playing for Manchester City isn’t enough – and has decided to become a YouTuber. 

In a bid to get the ball rolling on his channel, Sterling has collaborated with one of the website’s biggest personalities in KSI – where the pair made a few different videos to stick on the footballer’s account.

One of which entailed the two switching phones and texting random people to get a reaction, and it was fun…for KSI, anyway.

Manchester City Training and Press Conference

“Yo fam, don’t tell anyone but I was thinking of leaving the club this season, what do you think? I’m just not enjoying Man City anymore,” KSI texted Sterling’s teammate Kevin de Bruyne, in a bid to spark a reaction. However, the juiciest bit came when he got a hold of Bolt’s number.

The message was censored, but it seemed to go along the lines of ‘how many people have you slept with?’.

In response, Bolt replied only in confusion, and Raheem sheepishly called the athlete in apology. All seemed well in the end, but you can imagine the sweat on Sterling’s brow.


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